Graduation research topic by supervision of Sven Ahrens
at Shanghai Normal University

Graduate student research topic
(Master student graduation topic)

Investigation of virtual particle interactions in electron diffraction

Within the context of solutions of a relativistic wave equation for electrons (Dirac equation), we are able to observe the interaction of a one-particle state with negative solutions, which are inevitably contained in the relativistic formulation. The interesting aspect is that negative energy states can be interpreted as anti-particles (or virtual particle excitations), with which the 'real' particle is interacting [1]. In the intended project, we plan to investigate the contribution of negative states to the process of electron-laser interaction. For this, it is intended to solve the Dirac equation with different numerical procedures [2,3]. In the project we will work with Python, Linux and C++.

[1] Physical Review A 102, 033106 (2020).
[2] arXiv:2307.01571 [quant-ph].
[3] Physical Review Letters 109, 043601 (2012).

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